St Marys South Public School

Developing outstanding citizens

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Parents and citizens association

The parents and citizens association (P&C) work collaboratively with the school body to achieve the shared goal of providing a fun, nourishing, supportive and enriched learning environment that promotes the development of outstanding citizens who are creative, innovative, critical thinkers and can collaborate effectively.


The role of St Marys South P&C is

  • to support the operation in our school of a learning environment
  • to encourage the close co-operation and interaction of teaching staff, parents and children
  • to provide a forum in which parents and staff can exchange ideas
  • to promote the interests of St Marys South Public School and enhance its reputation and standing in the community.

The role of a P&C in public school is a very important one because it is the forum through which the parent body can communicate with teaching staff and the executive members of the school.

Among other things, the P&C raises money for the school through various fundraising activities. We assist in providing equipment and resources required by the school and assist in establishing school policy and management direction for the school.


The functions of St Marys South P&C are to

  • draw to the attention of the appropriate forum/authority, matters affecting well- being, safety or quality of education of the children at this school
  • to develop and decide the necessary resources, and their priority to achieve agreed objectives
  • to frame financial budgets and undertake the necessary additional activities to raise funds required to achieve objectives
  • to provide a canteen service in the school
  • provide a uniform service to the school.

The P&C is the place to contribute to school activities and have your ideas heard on how to raise money for our school, where we should focus our energies, and any other ideas to help our school improve and grow. Currently, the St Marys South P&C have two sub-committees, the uniform shop and the canteen committee. The P&C organise and conduct such fundraisers as the Easter raffle, donations of Easter eggs to each student, Mother's Day stall, Father's Day stall, and discos.

We have helped the school to purchase such things as air conditioners, kidney tables for classrooms, classroom refurbishments, and project-based learning (PBL) resources.

The office bearers are

President – Lauren Vasiliou

Vice President – Kerri-Anne Cochrane 

Treasurer – Marie Brouwer 

Secretary – Michelle Neumann

We would like to encourage everyone associated with St Marys South Public School to be involved with the P&C and in that way to further strengthen the community bonds in the school.