St Marys South Public School

Excellence Equity Kindness Respect

Telephone02 9623 1745

Our staff

Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s well-being.

The Principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the Principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer Enquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

Executive Staff

School Principal                  – Mrs Miriam Treton

Assistant Principal              - Mrs Chloe Hembling

                                                 - Kindergarten                

Assistant Principal              - Mrs Claire Hartley

                                                  - Years 1 & 2

Assistant Principal              - Mrs Kylie Smith

                                                   - Years 3 & 4

Assistant Principal               - Mrs Michelle Cauchi

                                                    - Years 5 & 6


Administrative Staff

School Administration Manager - Ms Amanda Davidson

School Administration Manager - Mrs Karen Leaf

School Administration Officer    - Mrs Katherine Hardy

                                                               - Mrs Gabrielle Lynch


School Counsellor (Tuesdays)      - Ms Nicole Ley

General Assistant                          Mr Brian Greenwood

                                                              - Mr Bruce O'Brien

                                                              - Mr Chris Hawkins


Additional Staff

Library                                        -  Mrs Joanna Miler-Crispe


School Welfare Officer            - Mr Joel Gerber


Learning and Support          - Mr Ed Hall

                                                    - Mrs Anne Taylor

EAL/D                                      - Mr Ed Hall

(English as Additional

Language or Dialect)       


SLSO                                      - Miss Debbie

SLSO                                      - Miss Sarah      

SLSO                                      - Miss Carol

RFF                                        - Mrs Nicole Lindsay        

Clasroom Teachers

  • KH  Mrs Chloe Hembling & Miss Alice Swan
  • KL   Miss Kristie Lee
  • KW  Mrs Melissa Weir
  • 1H Mrs Linda Hopkins
  • 1K Mrs Megan Kirby
  • 1M Miss Laura McIntosh
  • 2H Mrs Claire Hartley
  • 2K Mrs Kellie Herben
  • 2/3A Mrs Rebecca Akkari
  • 3N Miss Annika Neilson
  • 4K Mrs Kylie Smith
  • 3/4S Mr Ian Silvers
  • 5/6C Mrs Michelle Cauchi
  • 5/6M Miss Dee Mentesh
  • 5/6S Ms Renee Szokolai
  • 5/6F Mr Liam Fink