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The library is open during the second half of lunch for reading, craft, games and computer time on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


Research shows that children who read for pleasure will gain advantages that will last their whole lives. The students at St Marys South Public SchoolF are fortunate to have a wonderful school library that has recently been refurbished and has a range of new and exciting books, including kids' magazines and graphic novels.

It is expected that all students are borrowing regularly from the school library. Students require a library bag to borrow, which can be a material bag, a plastic bag or even an old pillowcase.

Borrowing days

  • Monday – 1V, 4/5H, 2/3B
  • Tuesday – KH, 3L, 6T
  • Wednesda – K/1W, 5/6N, 2H
  • Thursday – 1M, 3/4S, KO.

Upcoming events

  • Monday 27 July – Visit from award-winning illustrator, Sarah Davis
  • Term 3, Week 3 (Education Week) – Scholastic Book Fair
  • Term 3, Week 8 (Literacy and Numeracy Week) – Book Character Parade.

Resources for parents

The school has aligned resources for parents to help their child in developing the healthy habits of reading. Parents will find tip for reading aloud to your children in these ten read-aloud commandments and find out why reading and libraries are important in this helpful article on future libraries readingdaydreaming by Neil Gaimang

Websites for kids

Students can check out the National Geographic kids website for reading interesting articles.